Property Solutions Direct


According to the ATO:

Do you have idle or low performing money?

Property Solutions Direct offers flexible returs of up to 12%, secured by residential houses. Call us now and discover how this high yield, low risk strategy can start earning you money today

Who is Property Solutions Direct for?

Property Solutions Direct is for anyone with surplus money i.e. savings, self managed super fund or term deposit- we've even used peoples equity from their home. You don't have to be a seasoned investor or guru in Real Estate.

There are no costs, loadings or commissions to be paid. We pay your solicitor's fees. Your load is only for a short period of time of about two years. We think that it's a high yield low risk way to get a good return.

Why do we pay 12% interest?

We buy houses and sell them with different forms of Vendor financing, primarily in high growth and demand areas such as major cities. We buy more than one house per month and receive our financing from either banks or private lenders. Subsequently purchase costs add up very quickly, which is why we need investors such as you.


At the moment the growth of our business is limited by the rate at which we can buy houses, and there is always a stronger demand for our homes than we can keep up with. Investors are in need to fund our purchase costs and deposits. The investments which we purchase are always purchased below market value and run over into a two to three year timeframe, in which we pay about market interest on your funds.

Risks involved

"To expose to a chance of loss or damage" - Risk, therefore we leave nothing to chance.

We have invested a considerable amount of time and money modelling business, market, consumer and investor risks in order to protect ourselves and you. So that these risks are managed accordingly we have employed proven systems and legal mechanisms, insurances and strategic advice of Australia's leading professionals in this field. As a result, applicable risks have been either completely removed or factored into our system, ensuring that a worst case scenario does not have any impact on capital or investor funds injected.

We are 100% confident in our proven systems and risk management processes and ensure that all investors are paid before we are.

If you were to act as an investor...

A bonus of using Property Solutions Direct is that we pay all the legal costs and set up fees, not you. Our transactions are settled by a solicitor with all the proper documentation. Honesty, integrity and strategic planning are not the only security we offer and your money may be secured by a company guarantee, or you may wish to further protect you investment with a caveat or mortgage over the residential property being purchased. We ask that these funds be available for two to three years.

Usually we purchase pre-owned 3 and 4 bedroom homes at wholesale prices. We vendor finance the home to low risk people who either dont have a large enough deposit or are temporarily unable to obtain traditional bank finance, then after a small period of time buyers usually qualify for a bank loan. We assist them to refinance their home through a bank or mortgage broker and in turn, our underlying from investors is paid off.

Why choose Property Solutions Direct?