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Anyone with syplus money i.e. saving, self managed super fund or term deposit is able to make a secured 12% deposit. You dont have to be an expert investor or guru in Real estate and you dont pay any costs, loadings or commissions. We pay your solicitor’s fees. Your loan is for a short period of time – two years. We think it’s a high yield low risk way to get a good return, but that is for you to decide.

Through every step of this process we have tried to minimise the risk that could be invoked upon you, because we are interested in building a lasting relationship with you. You are covered by legal protection and all pertinent documents are communicated efficiently. You will earn a fixed rate of 12% and collect the interest cheques from us monthly or quarterly; you decide.

We have realised through experience that the economy doesn't affect the rate at which we buy houses. People always need a place to live. Property is a safe and secure investment that had historically appreciated over time.

If you would like to own your own home then contact us as soon as possible and escape the rental rut.