Property Solutions Direct

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the buyer stops making payments to you?

If for any reason our buyer should default making their payments to us, we don't default making our interest payment to you. Investors are the key partners in the success of our business. At Property Solutions Direct we do everything possible to exceed expectations and meet every interest payment.

What happens if there is a fire at the property?

We have sufficient insurances covering the property at all times

How will my loan be structured?

Usually, the loan is written as an interest only loan fixed at 12% per annum over two years. After the loan is payed off, you'll choose whether to reinvest or have your capital returned. You choose to have your interest paid on a monthly basis. Of course, we can adjust the terms if necessary.

How much will I receive upon selling my house to you?

We buy homes based on the fair market prices of the real estate market, house location and condition of the house. You don't have to be worried since we won't buy your house cheap rather provide you with a win-win solution.

How can Property Solutions Direct help me when I am unable to make repayments or face foreclosure scenario?

Our investors will work with you to come to an agreed upon solution. We will consider your house in any situation and condition.

Who pays the land tax, council rates, water rates, insurance and maintenance on the house

It is the buyer's responsibility to pay for all the costs associated with the house. We monitor our buyers to ensure that all outgoings are paid on time and have reserve funds in place to cover any temporary shortfalls or costs.

What types of property does Property Solutions Direct buy?

We purchase all types of residential properties such as houses, townhouses, apartments etc. However, we do not purchase any commercial property.

Will you sell my home quick?

After you have completed the form, our real estate investors will contact you within 24 hours and if you are willing to sell, we could buy your house that day.

Who uses the services provided by Property Solutions Direct

Our Services are used by

If it's difficult for your buyers to get bank financing, how do you determine that they're a good credit risk?

At Property Solutions Direct we pre-screen our buyers thoroughly. Buyers supply us with their credit file and we confirm they've paid current and past landlords on time and verify their income. We pay attention to their debt to income ratio and the amount of their current rent, plus they must pay a minimum deposit of approximately 5% of the sales price of the house.

How do you buy your houses?

We find that there are a small minority of sellers who have to sell quickly for whatever reason- divorce, job change, to many bills to pay etc. These sellers are willing to discount their properties in order to have a quick sale and immediate piece of mind.