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The Robinsons

We had intended to sell our house for a long time and had contacted several real estate agents to help us with that. After months of staying idle, we found it was difficult to find a suitable buyer. There was no point to keep on relying on real estate agents for the sale.

We wished we could have found out about Property Solutions Direct sooner, so that we would not have gone through the stress of trying sell our house. After finding Property Solutions Direct on Google, we were able to sell our house for the price we wanted in 24 hours.


We had just purchased a block of land that we planned to build on. However, after trying unsuccessfully to sell our house (for the price we wanted) with real estate agents we found that we needed to try something different. I came across Property Solutions Direct on the internet and contacted them to help us out.

After seven months with 2 real estate agencies, the property that I had listed had still not been sold. With the help of Property Solutions Direct, I was able to sell my property within a week.

Although we were unfamiliar with the way Property Solutions Direct’s systems worked. We found that, after our lawyer reviewed their legal proposal, it was actually a very fast, easy and secure way of selling our house.


I have a portfolio of several investment properties. When I decided to sell one of them I had trouble finding an agent that could get me a buyer that was willing to pay what I wanted to sell it for.

It took me a long time to realise that the standard way of selling a house wasn’t working for me. The team at positive property was able to give me the price I wanted within a week. Thanks to Property Solutions Direct, I am at peace now since I was so frustrated trying to get the right price.


We were in deep financial crises and found it hard to maintain our huge house that we had built with so much love. Selling our home was our last resort. But we found it very difficult to strike a deal in our best interests. We then heard of Property Solutions Direct, and contacted them to relive our stress burden. We were quite pleased at how quickly our house was sold and received instant cash. Once the property was sold, we were relieved both emotionally and financially.

I would truly recommend Property Solutions Direct if you seek to sell your house fast for the following reasons:


My life wasn’t the perfect dream that I wanted. I had just lost my job and my car was seized. I was amidst a financial struggle and had listed my house for sale. Months passed by but my house remained unsold. I was referred to Property Solutions Direct by a close friend as a caring team that would help sell my house quickly. They directly bought my home for cash and I felt as if I had been relieved.

I paid out all my outstanding bills and no longer was weighed down by monthly installments and deadlines. The entire sale was taken care of within a week without any hassle. I can now move on to plan my future.