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This webpage is designed as one to deliver opinion from an seasoned Liverpool Football Club supporter. We aim to be a fan service for those interested in the football club or just simply football in general. The website will provide information to football followers who are unsure about the latest happenings of the club, who plays for them and what the current status is of Liverpool.

In addition this website will be prioritising any Australian-related news about the club (players like Brad Jones) as this the ramblings of an Australian fan.

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(31.05.2012)Brendan Rodgers signed for 3 years

Brendan Rodgers has agreed to terms with the club lasting three years. This comes as a major boost for the club after a season that has been more akin to a roller-coaster ride. The club under Kenny Dalglish enjoyed great Cup form however fell short in the more important English Premier League.

The club today confirms that it has chosen Rodgers over an excellent Roberto Martinez as his ideals and plan for the future best suit the club. As a fan, I'm delighted with the decision and think the way Brendan Rodgers has taken care of his ex-team Swansea has been stunning.

It remains to be seen how he handles his first time at one of the biggest clubs in the football world. Liverpool FC will have to buy out the remainder of Swansea's contract with Rodgers, which amounts to approximately 5million GBP.