Aura Redwood is an online identity and alias that has been taken on by the criminal Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx as a way to hide her true identity.

Real Name: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Alias: Aura Redwood

Why an alias?

The alias Aura Redwood has said to be used because the internet is a dangerous place to use your real name. On top of it, Aura Redwood is an alias that Grace plans to use as a writer instead of her real name.

The logo

The design seems to have been chosen by Aura as a way to remind her to always be herself and stay strong no matter what. This is also why the design was tattooed on to her left hip, so even if she wanted to, she had to remember to keep going on.

How did the name Aura Redwood come about?

The alias seems to have come about when Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx was 14 years old, her best friend at the time came up with the name for her.