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Unit Resources


HTML Template

MAS340 jQuery Reference

Code Cademy (Javascript)

jQuery Documentation:

jQuery Core [download latest compressed,production jQuery]

jQuery Cheat Sheet

CSS3 Maker

Previous Years


A Hero's Journey [Tammi Grech]

The World of Boxes [Stuart Madafiglio]

The Rescue of Yellow [Guillaume Pitot]

DateSim 2000 [Joshua Soutar]


Harry Potter and the Missing Owl [David Hajje]

Dark Knight, Dark City [Junaid Ahmed]

Voltage [Kaethe Lassen]

Homer Simpson's Surprise Birthday Party [Sean Gilmore]


Woody's Mission: Leave No Toy Behind [Patria Manalili]

Mars Dr Curio [James Rotanson]

Betty the Bear [Rhiannan Villano]

The Misadventures of Lord Tone Abet [Rebecca Syaranamual]


Billy Biscuit [Kristen Nolan]

Ryan the Rhino [Geoff Parker]

Legend of Turan [Daniel Payne]

Dungeon of Doom [Sunni Daniele]

Storm in a Coffee Cup [Brendan Ridley]

Maison Denigmes [Melody Kuk]


The Birds, The Animals and Bat! [Andrew Skidmore]

Cluedo [Holly O'Connor]

Panda Peril [Lydia Chan]

Week 2 - HTML/CSS Refresher

Field Background Image

Bird Image

Cat Image

Positioning Example

Download pack

Week 3 - Functions and Event Handling

Manual event handling using case switch

Automated event handling using IF statements and setInterval()

Animated count down timer

Week 4 - Audio and Video

Exercise 1

Success Sound [right-click and save link as...]

Fail Sound [right-click and save link as...]

Exercise 2

Alice in Wonderland [right-click and save link as...]

Synthesisng Task

Week 5 - Dragging, Dropping and Events

Important Instructions:

Dragging objects, storing choices example

jQuery User Interface Script

Bag Image

Gun Image

Key Image

Week 6 - Photoshop Basics

Apocalypse background




Week 7 - Negotiated Curriculum

Inventory example

Inventory files

Sequence example

Sequence files

Hit test game example [click the screen to start it and use UP+DOWN arrow keys] - Note that this requires a third-party library (included in the pack).

Hit test game files

Functions and external .js files example

Functions and external .js files

HitTest Library

Javscript function for generating random numbers between a range:

function getRandomNumber(min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;