Unit Resources


HTML Template

MAS340 jQuery Reference

Code Cademy (Javascript)

jQuery Documentation: http://api.jquery.com/

jQuery Core [download latest compressed,production jQuery]

jQuery Cheat Sheet

CSS3 Maker

Sound Effect Library

CSS Clip Path Generator

Previous Years







Week 2 - HTML/CSS Refresher

Field Background Image

Bird Image

Cat Image

Positioning Example

Download pack

Download completed task

Week 3 - Functions and Event Handling

Manual event handling using case switch

Automated event handling using IF statements and setInterval()

Animated count down timer

Week 4 - Audio and Video

Exercise 1

Success Sound [right-click and save link as...]

Fail Sound [right-click and save link as...]

Exercise 2

Alice in Wonderland [right-click and save link as...]

Synthesisng Task

Advanced Video demo

'Simon' style sequence demo

HTML5 Media Events

Week 5 - Dragging, Dropping and Events

Dragging objects, storing choices example

jQuery UI Library

jQuery UI Library Effects API

Bag Image

Gun Image

Key Image

Week 6 - Photoshop Basics

Apocalypse background




Week 7 - Negotiated Curriculum

Inventory example

Inventory files

Sequence example

Sequence files

Hit test game example [click the screen to start it and use UP+DOWN arrow keys] - Note that this requires a third-party library (included in the pack).

Hit test game files


Tunnel Graphic

Functions and external .js files example

Functions and external .js files

HitTest Library

Javascript function for generating random numbers between a range:

function getRandomNumber(min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;