MMCC2140 Cybercultures

Ch1: Unit Introduction

Welcome to the MMCC2140 Cybercultures Production Manual.

The manual contains all the information you will need to complete the production component of this unit. It is not a substitute for attending workshops, but it will provide a reference for your learning and supplement instruction given by tutoring staff. No prior knowledge of Web production is assumed, but we do assume basic knowledge of computers and using the Web.

This manual was put together by Dr Steve Collins.

During the course of this semester, you will learn the following:

You will hand code your Web pages rather than visually design them. This will give you a deeper appreciation for how the Web works and prepare those of you intending to pursue further Web design studies.

Getting Started

There are a few things we need to do to get your account set up ready for this unit. Your tutor will take you through them as a class. Be sure to pay attention and tell your tutor if you're having any problems:

  1. Set up your Dock and organise the programs we'll be using.
  2. Set up your Finder preferences.
  3. Set up your mouse preferences.

You will also need to create a couple of folders in which to keep all your files.

Make sure you follow these steps carefully. If you're unsure then ask your tutor.

  1. You will need to open a Finder window and navigate to your www folder.
  2. Create a new folder called mmcc2140learn (note: all one word, no spaces, lowercase).
  3. Inside the mmcc2140learn folder create another new folder called images (note: lowercase).

The Golden Rule of MMCC2140

If you don't understand something or things aren't working properly, then ask for help!

Staff are happy to help you, but we're not mind readers.